Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Email Blast

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Lauren Roberts and I'm passionate about joining the ESPN team as a social media professional. As an avid sports-lover and former athlete, with a background in social media, journalism and public relations, I could readily contribute to ESPN's social media strategy.

My passion for sports

As the child of an athlete and the grandchild of a successful coach, I was raised around athletics. I had a soccer ball at my feet and a basketball in my hands before I was old enough to join youth leagues. I always enjoyed being successful on the field, but I didn't find my true passion for sports until I watched the 1999 Women's World Cup, (below).

Brandi, Mia and Briana weren't just soccer players, they inspired a nation. The United States team brought together a nation that was, and still is, apathetic about soccer, and showed the world how compelling the game could be. The team ignited a fire within me and an entire generation of young girls. If I practiced every day, someday I might be a household name like the heroes whose faces were plastered on my bedroom walls.

My dreams of becoming a professional athlete didn't work out, but my passion for athletics increases every day.

Sports and social media

Yankees vs. Red Sox, Ohio State vs. Michigan and Celtics vs. Lakers...we've all witnessed how rivalries can divide passionate fans, but I love sports because they have the ability to bring all fans together. Jesse Owens' performance in Berlin, Germany during the 1936 Olympic games helped bring together a divided nation. In 2001 after the World Trade Center attacks, New Yorkers rallied together to support the Yankees in their playoff run.

Social media provides a platform to expand athletics' unifying reach. During the elite eight of last year's college basketball tournament, Louisville guard Kevin Ware went down with a gruesome leg injury, (above). Moments after the injury, basketball fans from around the nation took to Twitter and made #PrayForWare a trending topic in the United States.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, not only did #BostonStrong trend on Twitter, but a YouTube video of fans singing the national anthem at the Boston Bruins match trended on Facebook, (below).

Check out more of my favorite inspiring sports moments on my Pinterest page.

Why I want to work for ESPN

ESPN is the worldwide leader in sports coverage. I would be honored and privileged to work for an organization that is responsible for uniting passionate fans, no matter what colors they bleed or mascot they cheer for on game day.

Want to see my full resume or connect further? Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lauren Roberts

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